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What’s New in this Release


If your require assistance installing eForms Wizard click here. Note: Do not install as an administrator.

Once the application is installed on your desktop, double click on the eForms Wizard
icon to launch the application.


Complete library of eForms Wizard video tutorials.

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Congratulations! You are now ready to begin completing applications.

  1. Select Setup -> Agency Information
    • Complete all fields and SUBMIT.
    • To add another agency, select the + Add Agency  button.
    • To add a location to an agency, select the + Add Location  button.
    • Select your Default Agency and Default Location.
  2. Select Setup -> Producer Information
    • Select + Add Producer button.
    • Complete all fields and SUBMIT.
    • Repeat to add another Producer.
    • Select your Default Producer.
  3. Select File ->  New Client
    • Choose Personal  for a personal lines applicant.
    • Choose Commercial  for a commercial lines applicant.
    • Complete all fields, choose a package if you have one,
      and select Create.
      * Denotes required
  4. You are now ready to start completing your application(s) in your work space.
  5. Go to File -> Open Form
    • Select one or move forms to work with.
    • Select OK.
  6. As you begin to type information into fields on one form, the information populates to other areas of the form where appropriate.
Setup Agency
Setup Producer
New Client
Existing Client
Open Form
Save Options
Share Options
Import Client Folder
What’s New


  • If you need to leave eForms Wizard, simply select File -> Save & Exit. You application and information will be saved and presented to you when you relaunch the application.
  • At any time you can Save your application forms by going to File -> Save Options.
  • At any time you can Share your applications with others by going to File -> Share Options.
  • At any time you can Print your applications by going to File -> Print.
  • When opening a client to start working with new forms, select from the drop down menu or single click the client name under Recent Clients.
  • When opening a client and ALL forms you are working with, double click the client name under Recent Clients.

Installation Help (Application Download)

  • Once you have downloaded eForms Wizard, you can select “Run” to install the application.
  • Alternatively, you can save it to your Downloads folder and then navigate to your Downloads folder or where you saved the executable file. Double-click the eFormsWizard.exe file.
  • The installer will launch (eForms Wizard – InstallShield).
  • Follow the steps through the install process.
  • When prompted, you will need to accept the customer license agreement to continue.
  • You may get prompted to allow the application to make changes to your device. Selecting “Yes” will allow you to continue.
  • When the installer is done, select “Finish”.
  • Locate the eForms Wizard icon on your desktop and double click to launch the application.
  • When prompted add your license information which includes the following information that was sent to you in an email.
    • UserName
    • Email Address
    • License Key
  • Submit the license information by clicking “Send” and complete the launch of eForms Wizard.
  • Need Help? Call us at 720.893.3005 or 877.204.0704. Email us at support@avyst.com.


Email: support@avyst.com or call us at 877.204.0704