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Technology Happened and It’s Not Going Away

By Karyn Buckley | May 19, 2021

I was flipping through my AARP magazine (shh!), and came across the article “15 Lessons the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taught Us”. I leafed mindlessly through the pages until I came across Lesson 6: We befriended technology, and there’s no going back”. There are certainly times when “real life” experiences are necessary and enjoyable but there’s…

Customer Spotlight – Jan Pell, ‘Insurance Mother!’

By Karyn Buckley | April 15, 2021

Meet Jan Pell, ‘INSURANCE MOTHER!’ of Keating Agency Insurance in West Hartford, CT How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there?  I have been at the Keating Agency officially since January 2016.  I started my work in the ‘retail insurance side’ in 2001 at a different agency that was purchased…

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Leadership Lessons from Hosta Plants

By Karyn Buckley | April 14, 2021

By Kitty Ambers Each spring, I enjoy the time I spend freshening up my flowerbeds. I don’t have a particularly green thumb, so I appreciate hardy perennials, like Hostas. During this year’s spring gardening frenzy, it struck me that cultivating Hostas is like developing leadership skills. Here are five lessons on leadership we can learn…

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Customer Spotlight – Cliff Golub

By Karyn Buckley | March 11, 2021

Meet Cliff Golub of Clifford M Golub Associates in Hicksville, NY How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there? I am the Principal and Owner of Clifford M. Golub Associates.  I started the firm in 1977 when I bought it from my dad. Back then we were the Bernard B.…

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Sweet 16, Elite 8 or Final 4 – What Makes the Difference?

By Karyn Buckley | March 10, 2021

by Kitty Ambers, CPIA, CIC, CISR, CPIW, Chief Growth Officer at AVYST It’s the time of year when I watch lots of basketball, as I’m sure many of you do as well! As I watch and learn more about what makes a good team great, I can’t help but translate the teamwork used in basketball…

Customer Spotlight – Josh Zylks

By Karyn Buckley | February 11, 2021

Meet Josh Zylks of First State Insurance of DeQueen in DeQueen, AR How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there? I have been at First State Insurance of DeQueen for a year and a half, since July of 2019. I am a producer, I am new to insurance, and I have been learning a lot every…

Momentum or Inertia: Which Did the Super Bowl Teams Each Have?

By Kitty Ambers | February 9, 2021

Was the Buccaneers-Chiefs Super Bowl LV a game of momentum or inertia? Inertia: “a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force”  or “a tendency not to move or change”.  Here’s an example of inertia used in a sentence…

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Customer Spotlight – David DeLano

By Karyn Buckley | January 13, 2021

Meet David DeLano of Kennedy Nemier Insurance in Plymouth, MI How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there? I’ve been with Kennedy Nemier since September 2014 – so going on 7 years!  I am a Commercial Account Executive there.  If you have a niche market that you’re involved with, how…

Customer Spotlight – Tom Dolan

By Karyn Buckley | December 11, 2020

Meet Tom Dolan, Owner of the Dolan Agency, Inc in Lake Bluff, IL! How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there? I am coming up on almost 1.5 years.  I bought the agency from the previous agent/owner.  I have 1 staff member who does servicing and processing and phones.  I…

Digital Document Delivery

Reminder:  Electronic Policy Delivery Requires Authorization

By Karyn Buckley | December 9, 2020

Understand The E-Sign Act The goal of “going paperless” has been a major initiative in insurance companies and agencies for decades.  The E-Sign Act was signed into law back in 2000 and granted electronic signatures the same legal status as handwritten signatures.  Also within this law are provisions regarding the use of electronic records and…

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