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IIANC Tech Symposium Closing Session

VIDEO: Tips for Successful Technology Implementation

By Kitty Ambers | December 8, 2020

During the closing session of the 2020 IIANC Tech Symposium, Kitty Ambers and George Robertson provide 3 Key Ideas for Successful Technology Implementation.  The goal of this 20-minute session was to provide attendees with actionable steps for turning what they learned into results. Topics addressed include: Overcoming the tendency to resist change Approaching technology decisions…

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Enabling the Insurance Business

By Karyn Buckley | December 2, 2020

In his webinar series, Uncaptured Agency: The Future of Insurance, Tony Caldwell talks with Marc Still, CEO of AVYST, about the many opportunities AVYST provides “that leverage technology to automate processes, increase efficiency, and enhance the customer’s experience.” Cocktail napkins, legal pads, and endless pieces of paper, often characterize the data collection strategies of insurance…

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Giving Thanks is Good for Business!

By Karyn Buckley | November 16, 2020

By Kitty Ambers, CIC, CPIA, CISR, CPIW, Chief Growth Officer at AVYST As insurance sales professionals, we have learned the impact of “The Loyalty Effect” on agency profitability. In his book, published by Harvard Business Review, author Fred Reichheld explains that generating new customers will cost your business five to 25 times the cost of…

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Customer Spotlight – Jon Black

By Karyn Buckley | November 11, 2020

Meet Jon Black, Owner of Curtis Black Insurance Associates in Danbury, CT! How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there? I established the firm in 1995 with partner Wayne Curtis. I am the sole owner today, Wayne retired in 2017. We stressed quality, not quantity. There are 2 of us and…

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Customer Spotlight – Susan Coblin

By Karyn Buckley | October 13, 2020

Meet Susan Coblin, Agent/Owner of Chenault & Hoge in Frankfort, KY! How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there? Unofficially 40 years. My dad owned the agency and I was here all the time (after school, snow days) answering the phones, filing and helping out. I worked here all through…

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Is Your Agency a Victim of Oversharing?

By Karyn Buckley | October 13, 2020

As insurance professionals, the protection of client data must be a critical consideration when selecting technology solutions. By Kitty Ambers in NU Property Casualty 360 Strategies, guidelines and protocols for reopening America post-coronavirus shutdowns are hitting headlines on both micro- and macro-levels. Every business and organization imaginable, from churches to salons, must rethink and retool how…

Mike DeStasio spotlight

Customer Spotlight – Mike DeStasio

By Karyn Buckley | August 26, 2020

Let’s get to know Mike DeStasio of AssuredPartners Cranford, NJ location! How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there? I have been with Assured Partners since 1985. I am the Vice President and manage our Transportation Insurance segment.   What niche market are you involved with? I have been involved…

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Oh Wow!

By Karyn Buckley | August 26, 2020

By Karyn Buckley, Marketing Specialist, AVYST Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve been doing something in a particular way, that you think is the absolute best way, and then you see someone do it differently, and better? And you think, “Oh Wow”, I could’ve been doing that all along! And it…

The words Lauren Smith on a golden podium

Customer Spotlight – Lauren Smith

By Karyn Buckley | August 12, 2020

Lauren is our very first Customer Spotlight honoree! Way to drop the hammer on the insurance industry, Lauren! How long have you been with your firm and what’s your role there?  I have been with Pyron Group for a year and a half, I am an agent and our head of commercial business development –…

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What’s in a Wizard?

By Karyn Buckley | August 10, 2020

By Kitty Ambers, CIC, CPIA, CISR, Chief Growth Officer, AVYST When I think about the word “Wizard”, the image of a yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City comes to mind. I think about a little dog named Toto pulling back a curtain to expose a middle-aged man operating machinery and speaking into a…

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