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Helping Agents Overcome Sales Challenges Created by COVID-19

By Karyn Buckley | July 22, 2020

During recent webinars we’ve been hosting for our customers and partners, we’ve highlighted 5 Key Features of eForms Wizard that have become vital in helping agents during this time of physical distancing, working from home, virtual client visits and other challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic response. These five key features are: Offline Capabilities Education…

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Partners or Pirates?

By Karyn Buckley | June 24, 2020

Consider your agency integrations before you accidentally walk the plank. By Kitty Ambers, CIC, CPIA, CISR, Chief Growth Officer at AVYST Strategies, guidelines, and protocols for Reopening America are hitting headlines on both micro- and macro-levels. Churches, schools, restaurants, offices, salons – every business and organization imaginable is having to rethink and retool how they…

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In Case You Missed It – Technology Must Support Sales

By Karyn Buckley | June 2, 2020

In the recent 2020 NUPC/PIA Independent Agent Survey, technology was a focal point.  There were several responses that caught our attention here at AVYST. One noted that the agency owner “has no time to look at new technologies.” But what happens to an agency when the owner doesn’t carve out time to deal with technology…

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ACTION is How You Get Things Done!

By Karyn Buckley | May 21, 2020

Author Tim Fargo sums it up nicely, “Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” To grow, expand, change, evolve, transform or whichever term you choose to describe your strategy, you must DO something. Doing is what leads to progress. To focus our doing, it’s wise to first define some milestones and action…

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InsurTech Talk: Three Common Misconceptions of Cybersecurity

By Kitty Ambers | April 29, 2020

Many insurance professionals are interested in cyber security not only for their own organizations but for their clients.  During this InsurTech Talk,  Kitty Ambers and George Robertson speak with special guest Dustin Mooney of RigidBits about the most common misconceptions surrounding cyber security including common terms that can be confusing and what compliance requirements are…

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Using Virtual Visits to Stay Connected

By Karyn Buckley | March 19, 2020

At AVYST, we feel fortunate. Our organizational model is that of a distributed workforce. Most of us already work remotely and we have tools in place that help us stay connected as a team. Because we have this firsthand knowledge and experience, it is our pleasure to provide some tips to help others adapt to…

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InsurTech Talk: Best Kept Secrets of LinkedIn

By Karyn Buckley | March 3, 2020

Most professionals know LinkedIn as the best social network for business people to connect and share their experiences and promote their own personal brand.  However, LinkedIn has some little-used features that can truly boost your professionalism.  Join Kitty Ambers and George Robertson for this episode of InsurTech Talk, where you’ll learn about some of the…

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Closing the Gap: The 5 D’s of Change Management

By Karyn Buckley | February 21, 2020

Change does not have to be scary, you must embrace it. We can take a page from David Bowie, when we think about change, just ask Kitty Ambers. Kitty discusses the 5 D’s of Change Management: Decide Design Deploy Deal With Distraction Drive Listen in as Kitty and Chris Cline talk about Change Management and…

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5 Keys to Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

By Karyn Buckley | January 28, 2020

Learn how to harness the power of LinkedIn to establish your own personal and professional brand.  LinkedIn is the best social network for business people to connect and share their experiences in order to promote their products and services.  During this episode of InsurTech Talk, Kitty Ambers and George Robertson provide insights around 5 Keys…

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Engaging with All Players

By Karyn Buckley | January 7, 2020

Is it possible for an InsurTech to take a page from Switzerland – able to engage with any technology platform, including legacy carrier systems and competing agency management systems? Yes, says Marc Still, an investor and CEO of AVYST. The firm is dedicated to cleaning up haphazard and slow policy submissions, benefiting agents, brokers, MGAs,…

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