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Thanks for a Great 2019!

By AVYST Team | December 23, 2019

What. A. Year.  Thanks to the support we’ve received from the industry, this year has seen dramatic, positive change for AVYST. Because our products are designed for the entire industry – independent agents and brokers, MGAs and wholesalers, carriers, and other solution providers – we are the first submission platform to be formally connected via…

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InsurTech Talk: 3 Keys for Turning Resolutions into Reality

By Kitty Ambers | December 19, 2019

To move forward we sometimes need to look back.  Year-end brings about a time to reflect and a time to plan for the future.  During the last episode of InsurTech Talk this year, Kitty Ambers and George Robertson will share 3 Keys for Turning Resolutions into Reality. You’ll learn: A framework to help you Craft…

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InsurTech Talk: Selecting a Management System

By Kitty Ambers | November 20, 2019

In today’s high-tech society, it is a necessity to regularly update or refresh technology solutions in order to communicate, efficiently and effectively, do our jobs, and satisfy our customers. During this episode of InsurTech Talk, George Robertson and Kitty Ambers will share the 5 steps to selecting an agency management system for your agency.  You’ll…

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InsurTech Talk: Tips for Successful Technology Implementation

By Kitty Ambers | October 16, 2019

During this episode of InsurTech Talk, Kitty Ambers and George Robertson recap the fundamentals shared during our last episode, and outline 3 key ideas to ensure that your technology transformation goes smoothly.  These include: Overcoming the tendency to resist change, Approaching your technology investment as Strategic, and Supporting Strategy with solid Tactics We hope you…

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InsurTech Talk: 5 Fundamentals for Embracing InsurTech

By Kitty Ambers | October 4, 2019

During this episode of InsurTech Talk, your hosts outline the 5 Fundamentals for Embracing InsurTech: Know Your Numbers Know Your Strengths and Build on Them; Know Your Weaknesses and Address Them Stay Aware Have a Written Strategic Plan Execute – Monitor – Adjust

Keeping it Conversational

By Kitty Ambers | August 19, 2019

Face it, doing a good job with front line underwriting requires agents and brokers to ask a ton of questions.  A significant amount of data is required by insurance carriers to accurately rate a risk.  Consumers, who aren’t really enamored with having to purchase insurance in the first place, get turned off when there is…

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5 Fundamentals for Leveraging Insurtech

By Kitty Ambers | July 30, 2019

To take advantage of insurtech solutions that will propel your agency’s growth and success, you must know where you are today so you can plan and prioritize how you will get to the next level. One of my very favorite quotes is from Michael Jordan. He says, “The minute you get away from fundamentals —…

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5 Leadership Lessons from Hosta

By Kitty Ambers | July 16, 2019

This spring, a plethora of hosta had overtaken my flowerbeds. I did a bit of reading about how to care for hosta and learned that they should be dug up and divided every three to five years. I was pushing the six-year mark with mine. As I dug up dozens upon dozens of plants and…

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Declare Independence from Complacency

By Kitty Ambers | July 2, 2019

It is only natural that as our country’s Independence Day approaches we revisit history.  Our Founding Father’s were relentless in the pursuit of Independence from Britain and the Declaration of Independence enumerates the many reasons (grievances) for the desired split. During my most recent reading of the historical document, one phrase jumped out at me. …

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3 Steps to Improve Your Own User Experience

By Kitty Ambers | June 5, 2019

Our industry spends a lot of time discussing the customer experience, and rightfully so. But what about our own experiences as users? I’m convinced that if insurance professionals mindfully commit to improving their own user experience throughout the quoting-and-binding process, the industry itself would be transformed. But so often we push aside our long-term goals…

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