Additional New Features

Version 1.3.1027.0213

Issue key Summary Comment
AF-1235 Wizard supports base64-gzip encryption of forms
AF-1228 Wizard Overrides Data Flow Behavior for ACORD “0050” forms ACORD ID Cards are now kept in synch when driver information changes.
AF-1208 Wizard Display Splash Screen while Launching
AF-1143 Wizard uses User option when creating PDF PDF’s honor the blue/black setting for output.
AF-1115 Wizard Auto-Converts Indicator and Code Fields ACORD’s Y/N fields will automatically check or uncheck boxes in Carrier Unique forms.
AF-1113 User option to Print Filled Information in Black or Blue User can configure color of entered data.
Option is included when user shares configuration options.
AF-1110 Wizard Handles Radio Boxes Support Carrier Unique forms that have “radio box” options.
AF-1096 At Launch, Wizard creates folders (and files) as needed
AF-1095 Installer does not put anything in User\AppData or Public Folders Install now supports computers with multiple users more easily.
AF-1092 Wizard Renders Radio Box
AF-1090 Wizard attempts to validate before giving “connect” dialog
AF-1085 Lookup Carrier NAIC Code in Setup Users can enter a list of Carrier NAIC codes that they frequently use and then select from the list when filling forms.
AF-1083 Add/Edit Valid Carriers
AF-1079 Wizard displays splash screen when starting