eForms Wizard - Helping Agents Get to Market Faster!

welcome piiac members!

Welcome to eForms Wizard, a PIIAC member benefit!

Agencies using eForms Wizard are letting us know that on average they are saving 2-3 hours of time normally spent re-keying data into their management systems. Plus, because they are getting complete submissions to market the same day their close ratio is increasing!

All it takes it changing your workflow to the Wizard Way and soon you will be saving hours spent re-keying data for business not sold.

Start taking advantage of your PIIAC member benefit now!

Listen as Keith Savino, an agency principal, explains why eForms Wizard is for you!  (click on the picture below for this short video)

Click the Photo to hear Keith Savino explain how eForms Wizard can dramatically improve the submission process.

Why eforms wizard?


Are your producers still writing on yellow notepads or ACORD apps and waiting until they are back in the office for agency staff to enter the data into an agency management system, comparative rater or carrier websites to get to market?

Are you tired of the back and forth with carriers because your producers forget to collect all the data needed at the point of sale?

Are your producers not cross-selling because they are uncomfortable with suggesting additional products?

AVYST is proud to partner with PIIAC to give their members complimentary access to a tool that enables your agency to swiftly collect and share submission data with your agency staff and carriers.