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System Requirements

  • Operating system should be Windows 7 or later (terminal services are fine).
  • Email should be Outlook 2010 or later.
  • Tablet users should be a Surface Pro with Windows 10.

Installation Help

(Application Download)

  • Once you have downloaded eForms Wizard, you can select “Run” to install the application.
  • Alternatively, you can save it to your Downloads folder and then navigate to your Downloads folder or where you saved the executable file. Double-click the eFormsWizard.exe file.
  • The installer will launch (eForms Wizard – InstallShield).
  • Follow the steps through the install process.
  • When prompted, you will need to accept the customer license agreement to continue.
  • You may get prompted to allow the application to make changes to your device. Selecting “Yes” will allow you to continue.
  • When the installer is done, select “Finish”.
  • Locate the eForms Wizard icon on your desktop and double click to launch the application.
  • When prompted add your license information which includes the following information that was sent to you in an email.
    • UserName
    • Email Address
    • License Key
  • Submit the license information by clicking “Send” and complete the launch of eForms Wizard.

Suggested Next Steps

Select Setup -> Agency Information

    • Complete all fields and SUBMIT.
    • To add another agency, select the + Add Agency  button.
    • To add a location to an agency, select the + Add Location  button.
    • Select your Default Agency and Default Location.

Select Setup -> Producer Information

    • Select + Add Producer button.
    • Complete all fields and SUBMIT.
    • Repeat to add another Producer.
    • Select your Default Producer.

Select File ->  New Client

    • Choose Personal  for a personal lines applicant.
    • Choose Commercial  for a commercial lines applicant.
    • Complete all fields, choose a package if you have one,
      and select Create.
      * Denotes required

You are now ready to start completing your application(s) in your work space.

Go to File -> Open Form

    • Select one or move forms to work with.
    • Select OK.
    • As you begin to type information into fields on one form, the information populates to other areas of the form where appropriate.

Additional Tips & Tricks

  • If you need to leave eForms Wizard, simply select File -> Save & Exit. You application and information will be saved and presented to you when you relaunch the application.
  • At any time you can Save your application forms by going to File -> Save Options.
  • At any time you can Share your applications with others by going to File -> Share Options.
  • At any time you can Print your applications by going to File -> Print.
  • When opening a client to start working with new forms, select from the drop down menu or single click the client name under Recent Clients.
  • When opening a client and ALL forms you are working with, double click the client name under Recent Clients.


Email: or call us at 877.204.0704, Option 2.