Updating eForms Wizard

Open eForms Wizard from your desktop by double-clicking on the AVYST eForms Wizard icon.

The following dialogue box will open:

Select “Update Now” and you will be directed to the User License Manager. Enter your User Name and Email Address and click submit.

Click the “Download eForms Wizard Version 1.3.1027.XXXX hyperlink to Download the latest version. You may also select “Readme” to view the full technical release notes document.

The eFormsWizardSetup.exe will begin the download process to your Downloads folder. This will take a few minutes. You can see the progress in the bottom left of your screen.


  • Minimize the License Manager landing page so you can see the installation progress
  • You may receive an alert. Please select “Run Anyway” or “Allow” the Installation Wizard / InstallShield to Install the update
  • Watch the icons at the bottom of your screen as you may be prompted to select “Continue”

Once the application has downloaded, you may be given the option to “Run” the downloaded application or select the downloaded application in the bottom left of your screen and select “Show in folder” and when you see the downloaded application, double click to start the install.

  • The installer will launch. Follow the instructions by selecting the “Next”

Once installed, you will receive a message that the InstallShield Wizard Completed. Select Finish.

Re-Open eForms Wizard and your new version will be ready for use.

Check for Updates at Anytime

Click:  Help  >  About  >  Check for updates

Remind Your Team to Update Their Software

eForms Wizard is installed locally on each user’s desktop.  This allows each user to access the software without being connected to the Internet. Therefore, each individual using eForms Wizard will need to update their software on their machine.