Version (released 2-20-22)

This release incorporates Preferred Mutual forms additions, bug fixes, and form rendering improvements in eForms Wizard GOLD.

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Version 1.5.512.1215 (released 12-23-20)

This release incorporates bug fixes and form rendering improvements in eForms Wizard GOLD.

Version 1.5.510.1125 (released 11-30-20)

In this release, we added numerous forms to eForms Wizard GOLD including:

  • ACORD version updates and new forms
  • Additional transportation forms for Columbia, Protective, Scottsdale, TUMI
  • AMIC Commercial Cooking Supplemental
  • Beazley Active Shooter Protection Application
  • Leatherstocking Supplemental Applications and Questionnaires
  • Metropolitan Superior Home Modernization Certificate
  • Mid-Hudson Dwelling Fire and Homeowners Applications
  • Otsego Wood Burning Stove Supplement
  • State of NY Anti-Arson Application
  • Stillwater Older Dwelling Survey
  • Western World Day Care Application
  • Utica First Artisan Contractor Supplemental

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Version 1.5.489.0630 (released 07-07-2020)

In this release, we have made several improvements to navigation, and have added numerous forms.  Updates and enhancements include:

  • Tab labeling improvements
  • Form Rendering and Print improvements
  • Clarification of Distributor Names
  • New ACORD Forms – May, June, July and August 2020 versions of state specific forms
  • Additions / Updates to Carrier-Specific Supplemental Applications, numerous additions specifically to our Transportation vertical

Version 1.5.425.0324 (released 03-25-2020)

This release of eForms Wizard includes numerous form updates in both Bronze and Gold Subscriptions, including:

  • ACORD Form state-specific edition updates (ACORD 36 (MD), 50 (AZ, TX), 61 (AZ), 67 (UT), 70 (CA), 82 (All), 90 (SC, DE), 133 (FL), 290 (SC), 860 (MI)
  • Addition of numerous commercial auto, fleet, trucking and transportation forms (available in Gold)
    • Distributors:  AmTrust, DMC, IAT, KBK, Lancer, United Specialty
  • Addition of company-unique specialty lines applications (available in Gold)
    • Distributors:  Arch, GuideOne, USLI
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Version 1.5.413.0213 (released 02-13-2020)

In this release, we have added several new features and forms, including:

  • Updated ACORD Forms Logo
  • Improvements to form rendering and field labels / spacing
  • 19 New and Updated Forms and Applications in our GOLD Subscription - CLICK HERE to request a FREE TRIAL of GOLD; Visit our Subscriptions & Pricing page for additional details regarding BRONZE vs GOLD.

Version 1.5.372.0107 (released 1-14-2020)

In this release, we have added several new features and forms, including:

  • Ability to click anywhere on a line and “select form”
  • Improvements to PDF print alignment and speed to load clients
  • New and Updated Forms and Applications Added, including:
    • Commercial Insurance Questionnaire (general agency questionnaire)
    • DMC Fleet - 150+ units
    • Great American Motor Truck Cargo Application
    • Hudson Insurance Group Personal Umbrella App
    • IAT Insurance Group Commercial Auto Insurance – Non-Fleet
    • Prime Commercial Auto Trucking Application
    • Protective Insurance Company Large Fleet
    • Protective Insurance Company Medium Fleet
    • RLI Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Application
    • Selective Trucking Supplemental Questionnaire
    • TUMI Intermodal Fleet Application
  • Upon downloading this update, users will be prompted to accept an updated AVYST eForms License Agreement in compliance with the new ACORD membership requirements

Version 1.5.308.1205 (released 12-11-2019)

In this release, we have made several enhancements and improvements, including:

  • Ability to Reset/Clear all data on form
  • Date now defaults on folder client name
  • Data now auto-sizes while typing in field
  • Forms Added to Gold include numerous carrier unique Construction and Transportation Forms as well as several 2019/12 versions of ACORD forms
  • Forms Added to Bronze and Gold include
    • ACORD 90 MN Personal Auto -2019/12 edition

Version (released 9-24-2019)

In this release, we have made numerous enhancements and improvements, including:

  • The ability to edit Client Information in a Client File, with the ability to select how changes are applied to forms
  • Improvements to PDF rendering including auto-resizing of data fields to accommodate print
  • Open Existing Clients feature now presents different views for a user to choose from
  • Form Distributor organizational updates
  • List Sort available by clicking column title
  • Numerous new and updated forms
  • ACORD Forms updated with new ACORD logo
  • Bronze users now have all PIA CITA and Utica E&O applications

Version (released 7-23-2019)

In this release, we have made numerous additions to our forms library and have improved our software download time:

  • 32 ACORD Form updates including the addition of new versions of forms with edition dates of 2019/07 and 2019/09
  • 23 Carrier Unique and State Insurance Department forms and applications
  • Mapping improvements and enhancements to 23 existing forms

Version (released 7-16-2019)

In this release, we have made numerous visual enhancements and usability improvements, including:

  • Bronze subscribers can edit/add one location in the Agency Information setup
  • Field data will auto-size when printing
  • Users have the ability to delete custom Packages
  • Users will have the ability to zoom in on forms screens using pinch feature on touchscreen or cntl+mouse
  • Improved navigation among forms pages using hotkeys - Ctrl+PgDn and Ctrl+PgUp

Version (released 5-30-2019)

In this release, we have made additional usability improvements, including:

  • Selection Buttons no longer appear "greyed out"
  • "Add" / "Edit" information for a single Agency and single Producer is enabled in Bronze
  • When asked about changing Agency/Producer Information, selections will be remembered by the software
  • Company Name will appear in the Address Area for Commercial Clients
  • "Export" and "Import" Carrier Unique Classification (NAIC) Codes added
  • "Export" and "Import" Agency Information from Bronze enabled
  • Improvements to "Import" of Packages

Version (released 4-5-2019)

In this release, we have made several usability improvements and have made additional forms available in the Bronze subscription.

  • "Save", "Export" and “Share” Current or Selected Forms as PDF enabled in Bronze Subscription
  • Default color of form fields has been updated - options beyond the default can be customized in Settings
  • Bronze Subscription now includes access to:
    • Property Loss Notice
    • Automobile Loss Notice
    • General Liability Notice of Occur/Claim
    • Employer's First Report of Injury or Disease
    • Cancellation Request/Policy Release
    • Agent/Broker of Record Change
    • Insurance Binder
    • Cyber and Privacy Coverage Section
    • Professional / Specialty Insurance Notice of Incident / Claim
    • Agriculture Application
    • Agriculture Property Section
    • Agriculture Liability Section

Effective 4/1/19, Members of IIANC, PIA National, PIA NY NJ CT NY VT, and PIIAC (formerly Trusted Choice of Colorado) are eligible to receive the Bronze subscription for free as a member benefit.  eForms Wizard Gold features and functionality are available at a discount.  For the full Pricing & Subscription Details, and to Renew/Update/Upgrade your Subscription, CLICK HERE.

Version 1.3.1027.0213 (released 2-13-2019)

The AVYST team is excited to provide this latest release of eForms Wizard, which largely is devoted to increasing the number of Carrier-unique and other Non-ACORD forms available in the eForms Wizard Forms Library.

In this release, we are providing you with an updated suite of unique forms and supplemental applications.  These forms have been mapped to our “standard” level of mapping, which includes many key fields.

AVYST can provide enhanced forms mapping.  If you are a Program Administrator or Niche-market Specialist in your organization, please contact us to discuss ways we can further enable the forms you use regularly in your market(s).

We work with agencies, carriers, MGAs and wholesalers to streamline the submission process by adding unique forms and applications to the eForms Wizard platform.  For more information, please submit your ideas to  Our team will reach out to gather more details and provide an estimated cost and timeline for implementation.

Key Improvements

  • Better Printing from Grey Scale or Black-and-White Printers
    • Some printers had problems dealing with blue text. We now default to black – but users can switch back to blue if they prefer.
  • Better, More Accurate Form Rendering
    • Resolved scaling issues – particularly around checkboxes.
  • Carrier and NAIC lookup
    • Configure your most used Carriers and corresponding NAIC codes. Then select them from a popup list when entering data on a form.

Unique, Fillable Forms - Defined

Unique, fillable forms are any form you can imagine! Consider forms or questionnaires you would need to capture information from a client or prospect that ultimately creates a submission. These could be a carrier-specific application, an agency questionnaire, a required supplemental, a sales script with data fill, a proposal template, or whatever else might help streamline the data collection process!  Use your imagination and let us AVYST know what additions to the eForms Wizard solution would be helpful.

With the eForms Wizard solution, you only need one tool to streamline the data collection process.  Forms reside and are viewable side-by-side.  These forms all live side by side, inside the AVYST eForms viewer. and can share fields that match.  We can build them for you.

Working Off Line

The AVYST eForms Wizard program does not require an internet connection.  One of the greatest benefits of our solution is the ability to take thousands of fillable forms with you anywhere.  eForms Wizard users enjoy the ability to be disconnected and onsite with a prospect or client, gathering complete information all in one place, then plugging back in to share with internal personnel or to upload the submission directly to carriers or wholesalers.

Viewing Forms that Are Available

All ACORD and Non-ACORD forms are fully integrated, with one click, using the search features you are already familiar with, including:

  • by Distributor
  • by Type
  • by Line of Business
  • by State
  • by Keyword Search

Quickly and easily find the form(s) you need:

NEW FEATURE:  Carrier Management

In the latest release of eForms Wizard, you can create a list of Carriers with NAIC codes.

Create a List of Carriers with NAIC Codes

Go to the Setup Tab:

    • Select “Add Carrier”
    • Enter Name and NAIC code
    • “Submit”
    • Entries are automatically organized alphabetically

TIP:  Need to look up an NAIC Code, visit

Use the Carrier Lookup Feature

 Click on the lookup icon in the carrier field  of any form in eForms Wizard

    • Find the desired Carrier and NAIC Code (simultaneously) in the list
    • Apply your Selection to one or more open forms per the list
      • Current Form
      • All Open Forms
      • Current Plus Selected forms
        • All forms currently added to a client folder will display for selection


  • You may type a Carrier manually in the Carrier field for one-time use
  • A Carrier entered on a form will not automatically be added to your reusable Carrier NAIC Code list (see above for Creating a List of Carriers with NAIC Codes)

When selecting a Carrier from the lookup icon, the user may enter a search on either

  • NAIC Code
  • Carrier Name


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