Simply Genius

The saying, “Two brains are better than one,” means you’re apt to come up with better solutions when you combine perspectives.

That’s the ultimate power of AVYST — insurance professionals joining together to improve the day-to-day business of insurance through technology.


Because we know technology
and we know insurance.

In fact, we’re talking decades of experience in the insurance industry and real-world familiarity with the technology frustrations every insurance professional has battled.

Inefficient programs. Repetitive input. Clunky forms that satisfy a programmer but exasperate those who must use them.

Because we’ve tried lots of different insurance technology ourselves over the years, we know what works — and perhaps more importantly — what doesn’t.

Our First Solution: eForms Wizard

Because we are each professionally involved with insurance, there are daily opportunities to share technology ideas, tips and insight with all the players in industry — including agents, brokers, carriers, MGAs, wholesalers, user groups and even other tech firms.

This collaborative attitude resulted in our first product, eForms Wizard, a unique technology solution made by insurance professionals for insurance professionals.

What’s the big deal?

eForms Wizard is the first platform that encourages single entry of data at the point of sale, even when offline, so the submission process is not only quick, but also accurate.

Of course, that’s a simplified description of a remarkably powerful tool. So if you’re ready to learn more, you can delve into the details of eForms Wizard.

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