AVYST Interview – Coming Soon!

Streamlining the Sales Process

A significant pain point in the insurance sales process is knowing which company or MGA will accept a risk.  With AVYST Interview, agents can efficiently gather client information and confidently know that quotes provided are accurate, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

  • Guided conversations display eligibility and available markets automatically, increasing quote to close ratios
  • Eliminates unnecessary data capture, accelerating the sales process
  • Submissions go to markets in the preferred company or MGA format – digital or PDF
  • Reduces redundant entry, makes cross-selling and account rounding automatic and conversational, and reduces agents  E & O exposure
  • Transformative cloud-based solution that empowers sales professionals who may have limited insurance experience

AVYST Interview will be released soon!

In his webinar series, Uncaptured Agency: The Future of Insurance, Tony Caldwell talks with Marc Still, CEO of AVYST, about the many opportunities AVYST provides "that leverage technology to automate processes, increase efficiency, and enhance the customer’s experience." Cocktail napkins, legal pads, and endless pieces of paper, often characterize the data collection strategies of insurance agents but AVYST is empowering insurance with "new technologies that address common insurance pain points"".

Tony characterizes it this way, "AVYST disrupted the insurance industry by automating the early stages of qualifying and understanding a prospect’s insurance needs. This is done by replacing cumbersome forms with a responsive Artificial intelligence-led conversation that gathers only the information that is really necessary."