eForms Wizard

Simple.  Intuitive.  Affordable.

Make no mistake - Insurance can be complicated.  eForms Wizard is making ACORD forms and supplemental applications easier.  At AVYST, we know that capturing accurate data and building consistent processes are paramount to simplifying insurance.  Producers must be able to access information easily and share it across different systems and with various partners.

In the past, insurance was expected to adhere to parameters created by IT programmers. But AVYST believes technology should conform to your needs instead.

eForms Wizard is a powerful technology tool that allows all industry players — agents, brokers, carriers, MGAs, wholesalers and other tech vendors — to easily share complete and actionable data.

7 Key things eForms Wizard solves for Agencies, Carriers, MGAs & Wholesalers

  1. Empowering - Complete information is gathered at the point of sale, making ACORD forms and supplemental applications easier
  2. Time Saving - Enter information once - it flows to Agency, Company-unique and ACORD forms.
  3. Reliable - Anywhere, Anytime - no internet service needed
  4. Effective - Customizable “agency specific packages” of forms can be grouped - encourages automatic cross-selling.
  5. Education-based - IRMI's Glossary of Terms integration empowers agents to have the knowledge to  answer client questions with confidence
  6. Efficient - Get to market faster by sending completed applications and data quickly, easily and securely
  7. Streamlined - Quickly add or update ACORD forms and supplemental applications anytime during the client lifecycle

In this short video, you'll get a glimpse into how eForms Wizard is making ACORD forms and supplemental applications easier by providing a digital data capture solution that will improve agency efficiency and increase the accuracy of submissions.