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Referral Management

The AVYST referral submission platform will make  it easy for your sales team and referral partners to submit new prospects. Upon entering the referral, basic information is added so that your agency can reach out to the prospect and learn more about their needs. AVYST generates automated emails to inform your partners of the status of their referrals as the prospect progresses through the agency’s application process. And since you know where your referrals are coming from and what business is closing, you learn who your best referral sources are.


With the extensive number of coverage options available today, the AVYST guided interview process will make it easy for you to talk to applicants about products that are less common or have complex underwriting guidelines. A series of conversational scripts, helpful hints, question sets and possible responses build dynamically as the interview progresses, making it easy for you to gather the right information to match the applicant with the correct insurance solutions and underwriting partners.

Quoting Integration 

Comprehensive interviews are critical to mitigating errors and omissions for your agency while also  arming you with sufficient information to ensure complete submissions. With real-time quoting, you will be able to provide applicants with a quote on the first call. This results in reduced customer and carrier touch-points, a better customer experience and higher close rates for your agency.

Business Analytics 

From referral source to binding the policy, the applicant journey through the sales pipeline is marked by events that are measurable. Analytics are captured along the way to ensure your agency has visibility into the process. Know your strongest producers, what type of business is being sold, average number of products per applicant, win/loss ratios, most competitive carriers, how does your agency compare to others in the industry…the list goes on. No more guessing. Reports and analytics will provide all the information you need to manage your sales pipeline. Your personal dashboard will only be a keyboard, tablet or mobile device away.

How we do it…

Our team of insurance professionals at AVYST understand the complexities of the insurance sales process and create solutions that are focused on streamling the processs for agents, carriers and other third party systems.

What People Are Saying

The central challenge for independent personal lines agencies, large or small, is how to earn higher levels of client satisfaction externally while internally exceeding their goals for production as well as profitability; AVYST meets this challenge.

Keith Savino, COO

Warwick Resource Group

AVYST allowed our agency to increase our close ratios from 18% – 24% to well over 85%… it’s a complete solution from referral to binding a policy.

Gail Salazar, COO

AVYST has developed a unique technology platform that will enable Vertafore users to attract talent, increase revenue and grow their agencies.

Kitty Ambers, CEO


eForms Wizard streamlines our workflow with our commercial clients. We are able to choose the forms we need, enter the information once, easily share and edit our forms with coworkers, if needed, and then get them to the carrier in a very efficient manner!

David Feir, Principal

Altitude Insurance Agency

Riichard Chichester

Merchants Insurance Group