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agency management systems were designed to manage your agency. eforms wizard was designed to manage your submission process.

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Keith Savino explains how eForms Wizard can dramatically improve the submission process.

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Traditional submissions = days

Producers go out to visit agents with a pen and paper, and then when they return to the office, the paper is dropped off on someone's desk to input into the agency management system.

All information needs to be input into the agency management system to generate ACORD forms.  Carrier unique forms are printed, completed by hand and then scanned back into the agency management system.

Email is sent to the underwriter(s) with attachments.  Then after about 4 exchanges with the underwriter they have the information they need to provide a quote.

Upon binding, the carrier wants their own forms completed and signed so your agency prints and completes the form by hand, then scans into the agency management system to send to the client for signature.

On average, your agency has rekeyed this data at least four times in a span of days.


Submissions with the eforms wizard = hours

Producers visit their clients with their laptop or surface. When with the client, the producer opens a package of forms in eForms Wizard.  They input the information once and it prefills across all of the forms. And they have help when they need it with the IRMI glossary of termsTM integrated at the form field level.

Quickly the producer then adds the carrier specific supplements that are already prefilled with similar data.

After the producer leaves the client's office, they stop for coffee or a meal in between meetings.  They connect to the internet and send a secure pdf to their underwriter and a sharable file to the agency.  The agency then inputs only the high level prospect information and attaches the sharable file into their agency management system.

Within hours, the market is blocked and the information is in your agency management system.

Due to our partnership with PIA NY NJ CT NH VT, we are providing you with complimentary access to eForms Wizard Gold until November 1, 2018.  After that we are pleased to offer a 50% discount off our Gold package price, which means you pay only $50 per user per year!