Get Started with our eForms Wizard - Getting Started Guide

This comprehensive, frequently updated Guide provides tips for maximizing your use of eForms Wizard for both Individual Users and in Enterprise Use Scenarios.

Q:  What is AVYST?

AVYST is a technology solution provider started by industry veterans who were tired of the overwhelming and inefficient processes in the insurance business. Our goal is to eliminate the numerous manual and paper-based steps in the sales process for agents, carriers, MGAs and wholesalers.

Q:  What is eForms Wizard?

AVYST’s first product, eForms Wizard, streamlines the submission process by allowing single entry to ACORD, company-unique and agency forms. The beauty of eForms Wizard – you do not need to be online to use it!

In addition to struggling to improve inefficient sales and retention workflows, finding and hiring the right talent with the skills and experience to know what questions to ask during the risk assessment process is a daily challenge for the insurance industry.  Learning the coverage aspects of the insurance business is difficult and therefore, AVYST partnered with the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) to bring the power of their Glossary of Terms™ to the point of sale.

Q:  How do I get started using eForms Wizard?

Either complete the eForms Wizard Information Request form found on our website ( or simply email with a request to get started.  Our friendly Customer Success Team will reach out.

Q:  How much does eForms Wizard cost?

AVYST has partnered with several industry organizations to bring eForms Wizard to the marketplace at a discount.  Our current retail pricing is listed here.  If you are a member of PIA, IIANC, PIIAC, or NetVU, visit our website for Partner Pricing details -

Q:  Is there integration between eForms Wizard and agency management systems?

Understanding the industry the way we do, AVYST eForms Wizard was built with bi-directional capabilities which allows for easy integration with almost any system.  Currently, proof-of-concept has been achieved with several system vendors.  While we continue to pursue integration opportunities, it’s important to keep in mind that our unique “Share” feature improves efficiency.  “Share” allows for the secure sharing of a complete AVYST file that can be attached to a client in a management system, housed in a shared drive or placed on a document management platform where it can be updated and edited as needed for renewal submissions.  Forms can also be password protected and emailed as a secure PDF.

We encourage our clients to consider how much time is spent manually entering information into a management system for the purpose of completing only SOME of the ACORD forms needed for a quote.  Often, agents are forced to go to a website or a file drawer to find the supplemental forms an underwriter requests.  With eForms Wizard, the entire forms set can reside side by side with data flowing across all forms – ACORD and company-unique.

Q:  When I look at the Distributors, I see AVYST listed. What are these forms?

We are aware that there are many data collection questions that are currently not included in ACORD forms, carrier-specific forms or in management systems that are critical to ensuring you have all the data necessary to properly place an account. Therefore, we have provided some generic agency forms to assist our users get a full view of a new risk.

If you have agency specific forms that you would like to have included, please email them to

Q:  What level of detail prefills from ACORD forms and applications into “standard” carrier specific forms and supplementals?

AVYST standard mapping will focus on fields that allow you to reduce duplicate-entry and get to market faster.

“Standard” fields that should map across all forms include:

  • Named Insured/Applicant
  • Business information such as:
    • Description of Operations
    • SIC code(s)
    • NAIC code(s)
    • Years in business, or date established
    • Legal entity type
    • Financials, such as Revenue
    • Basis for Premium (e.g. Gross Receipts, Domestic Revenue)
    • Prior Carrier
  • Policy Effective and Expiration Date
  • Signature sections
  • And often more!!!!

Keep in mind that even if a field does not map across all forms, the field is still fillable.

All forms benefit from the AVYST eForms Wizard features that support:

  • Sharing as a secure PDF, or
  • Collaborating with others using the editable AVYST file.

With eForms Wizard, your whole team can work together on ACORD and Non-ACORD forms to prepare a complete submission seamlessly and securely.  No more illegible paper notes to decipher and re-enter in another system.

Q:  I don’t see all the forms our Agency uses in eForms Wizard.  Why?

Please keep in mind that not all forms are created equal.  Some applications were just not designed to be computer-friendly.  With our mapping, we endeavor to ensure the information entered can be legible and complete.

Q:  I need more of my carrier forms included. How do I go about getting these added?

If you have agency specific forms that you would like to have included, please email them to  Our Forms Manufacturing Team will be in touch.

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