InsurTech Talk: Three Common Misconceptions of Cybersecurity

Many insurance professionals are interested in cyber security not only for their own organizations but for their clients.  During this InsurTech Talk,  Kitty Ambers and George Robertson speak with special guest Dustin Mooney of RigidBits about the most common misconceptions surrounding cyber security including common terms that can be confusing and what compliance requirements are mandated by law.  In addition, Dustin will share things agents can do to successfully reduce their own risk and to more confidently educate their clients on cyber risks.

If you haven’t tried AVYST eForms Wizard yet, Cyber Liability Insurance is a particular vertical we have built out substantially – meaning, you have access to numerous company unique cyber liability applications all in one place.  As is true to the basic premise of how eForms Wizard works, enter the data once and watch it prefill other forms.

We routinely recommend to our eForms Wizard clients that they include Cyber in all quotes, especially with the likelihood of a cyber-related event impacting businesses of all sizes today.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  eForms Wizard makes it easy with the ability for users to create Custom Packages.

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