Tips to Reboot your Organization

By Kitty Ambers, CIC, CPIA, CISR, Chief Operating Officer at AVYSTReboot icon

January is a month for growth and renewal. While it can be challenging to regroup after the chaos of the holidays, there is no better time to stop, take a deep breath, and evaluate what’s working well and what may be creating challenges.

To help you, we put together some tips to “reboot” your agency and make sure it’s operating efficiently and realizing its full potential. 

Set your intentions.
According to Forbes, intention-based leadership can empower your team and positively affect performance, work ethic, culture, and morale. 

Whether you want to develop a sales plan and share it with your producers or involve them in the process, communicating the “why” behind the intentions will give you the best results. We also recommend developing a place where your team can view progress throughout the year to help them stay inspired and motivated. 

Remove problems.
What is stifling growth? The first step towards achieving goals is to identify any problems or obstacles.  From there, you can either fix or completely remove the issue(s).

Examples might include:

  • Outdated technology or equipment 
  • An old website and/or sub par digital presence 
  • Unmotivated employees 

Take some time to connect with your team.  Discuss any weak spots in your organization and brainstorm potential solutions. There might be an easier fix than you realize. 

We know delegation can be intimidating, but mastering delegation techniques has huge advantages.  At a minimum you free up time for yourself, but you also empower others to grow in their competence. 

Remember, you hired your staff members for a reason. Trust in their abilities and encourage them to take on more important tasks. They may not always do things the same way you would, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Trust your team, and be open to learning from them. 

Educate your team.Photo of an office team in a meeting
Your team is your ticket to growth.  Invest in them by holding regular meetings that include an educational component.  By educating your team, you will help them understand new trends impacting the industry, new products that address emerging risks, new techniques for marketing, new technology solutions, and more.  

As with technology, taking a moment to reboot can have tremendous advantages!


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