Oh Wow!

By Karyn Buckley, Marketing Specialist, AVYST

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve been doing something in a particular way, that you think is the absolute best way, and then you see someone do it differently, and better? And you think, “Oh Wow”, I could’ve been doing that all along! And it would’ve been so much easier! And faster! And better!

2 men standing in front of a wall of wine barrelsI was talking to my kid, who is interning at a vineyard this summer, and he shared a story about two winemakers. The younger winemaker was pouring wine into a container with a relatively small opening and he grabbed a funnel to make the pour. Pretty logical, right? The older winemaker was awestruck – “genius!”, he exclaimed. All this time he had been freehand pouring and making a huge mess that he then had to clean up. He was creating more work for himself. The concept of grabbing a funnel was SO SIMPLE, yet he just never thought of it!

How many tasks are we doing at home or at work that could be done so much more easily if we’d just take the time to consider a different way? I for one resisted the change to online banking FOREVER. My Mom finally convinced me to change my ways. Yes, I have a son old enough to work in a vineyard so do the math – it’s a little embarrassing that my Mom was my technology mentor! At any rate, I did it! I took a little extra time in the beginning to set up online banking but in the end what a huge time saver! My “Oh Wow” for sure!

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