In Case You Missed It – Technology Must Support Sales

Graph of challenges agency's face with technology

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In the recent 2020 NUPC/PIA Independent Agent Survey, technology was a focal point.  There were several responses that caught our attention here at AVYST.

  • One noted that the agency owner “has no time to look at new technologies.” But what happens to an agency when the owner doesn’t carve out time to deal with technology issues?
  • One respondent said, “Too many varied platforms equal IT headaches and take time away from sales.”
  • Over 25% of respondents noted “Cultural Resistance” as a major challenge to adopting new technologies.
  • When asked what elements of the agency-client experience are well suited to online service, two options received notably few responses: Establishment of trust; and discussions with clients that go beyond routine process and coverage questions.
    • Agents believe that discussions with clients that go beyond routine process and coverage questions are poorly suited to online service. As one agent said, “The average person truly doesn’t understand what coverages they require.”
    • It’s become difficult to establish trust with clients when the only communications are digital. Digital communications also reduce cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Many who responded to the survey noted that lack of communication in any form has led to accusations of fiduciary duty breaches. Agents worry that such errors & omissions (E&O) claims will increase with digital-only communications.
    • When younger individuals enter the insurance industry as new employees, there is a steep learning curve around the value and importance of actually talking to clients.


These excerpts from the survey results highlight why AVYST eForms Wizard can be a perfect fit for the segment of today’s agency force that is growth-minded and client-centric.  eForms Wizard has proven to be a valuable solution for:

  • Agencies that possess a strong sales culture and are committed to producer development
  • Agencies that focus on the client experience and are committed to conducting thorough information gathering during the fact-finding conversation
  • Agencies that understand how vital conversations are to explore and uncover prospect and client risks
  • Agencies that invest time educating their clients to build understanding that there is more to the insurance purchase than the price of the product
  • Agencies who focus on specific niches and routinely recommend specialty lines coverages like EPLI, D & O, and Cyber – all of which are laden with supplemental and specialty apps not found in any agency management system


At AVYST, we empower sales success.  Our eForms Wizard provides an affordable, easy to install, intuitive to use software program that streamlines the data capture and submission process.  Use eForms Wizard on or offline to efficiently collect client information right onto the required forms, questionnaires and supplemental applications.  Then, securely share these with others in your office, insurance carriers and MGAs.  AVYST is simply genius.

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