Helping Agents Overcome Sales Challenges Created by COVID-19

During recent webinars we’ve been hosting for our customers and partners, we’ve highlighted 5 Key Features of eForms Wizard that have become vital in helping agents during this time of physical distancing, working from home, virtual client visits and other challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic response. These five key features are:

  • Offline Capabilities
  • Education at the application field level
  • Automatic Account Rounding
  • Easy PDF Creation
  • Team Collaboration

You can view the 30-minute webinar, or read on for the highlights.

eForms Wizard Works Both On- and Offline

Internet bandwidth gets challenging with so many working and schooling from home. With eForms Wizard, you can disconnect from the internet and still be ultra-productive. More than 860 ACORD Forms and a growing library of carrier-specific applications and supplemental questionnaires are available through our software.

In addition, this ability to be fully functional when offline makes eForms Wizard a component of any agency’s disaster response plan. By having eForms Wizard installed on laptops or remote user desktops, it can be called up when your web- and cloud-based solutions are not available. It’s a great way to be responsive with claim reports or service requests when others have no access to important customer service systems.

eForms Wizard is Educational

Education is at your fingertips with eForms Wizard Gold. During this time when Producers and Account Managers are working from home, and it’s not quite as easy to peek over the cubicle wall or walk down to a co-worker’s office to ask a coverage question, eForms Wizard users have access to the IRMI glossary of insurance terms – right where they are working. There is no need to open another browser or application, simply click on the IRMI link and there you have the information you’re looking for to answer client questions.

In addition, the Tool Tip feature empowers users to see what information goes where on applications. We all have learned, often the hard way, that if we put the wrong data in the wrong format in the wrong place, we either lose it or end up overwriting existing data fields.

eForms Wizard Promotes Automatic Account Rounding / Cross Selling

How often do you, or your Producers, forget the supplemental application or the risk questionnaire for a line of business? With eForms Wizard, you can make cross-selling and account rounding automatic using our Packages feature.

Users are encouraged to create custom packages by niche, by account size, by department, or by state, for instance. Basically, this involves selecting desired forms and grouping them together into a single, reusable, digital “package”. Think of it as setting up a file folder where you’ve placed all the forms you’d like to ensure are completed on every risk of a certain type. As a result, you automatically are gathering data that promotes proactively suggesting additional coverages.

eForms Wizard Allows for Easy PDF Creation

Many producers are responsible for getting their own applications completed and sent to market. It can be challenging – especially while working from home – to print and / or scan documents into a format that allows for successful electronic submission. With eForms Wizard, getting completed apps into a PDF format and emailed off to an underwriter takes seconds rather than minutes or hours.

Another powerful byproduct of completing forms using eForms Wizard is the ability to share your screen with a client using Zoom or GoToMeeting or another virtual meeting tool and walk through questionnaires or supplemental applications with your prospect or client. Adding this visual component to a client or prospect conversation builds connection which helps build that critical element of trust – plus, they are then able to see what you – as an insurance professional – are required to gather to effectively quote or service their account.

eForms Wizard Supports Team Collaboration

With all of the restrictions, protocols and physical distancing requirements we are living with these days, Producers can no longer easily bring their handwritten applications, legal pad notes, former policy dec pages with notes written on them, or cocktail napkins, back to the office and sit down to review them with an Account Manager or CSR. By using eForms Wizard, Producers can much more easily hand off an account to an Account Manager, CSR or Placer for completion and submission. All the information already gathered can be electronically and securely shared with a teammate.

These are just five features of eForms Wizard that are proving to be gamechangers for agencies who are committed to sales and client service. We hope you’ll consider a FREE TRIAL at